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8th Wonderland 
8th WONDERLAND secretly gathers people from around the world which have one point in common: the wish never again to be subjected to news broadcasts, without being able to react. And as it is true that an individual barely has any chance of being listened to, a country on the other hand, has many more possibilities of intervention at an international level..
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100 précédents (watch it online)
Genre : Anticipation/Comedy
Short feature : 29 mn

Cast : Julien Urrutia, Fred Noguer, Lou Chauvain ...

In an improbabe future, each one of us is the reincarnation of a person who priviously existed. After examination, Michalon finds out he is no-one reincarnation. He is original, he is "unique".
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We dont'care Another song, Universe...
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8Th Wonderland Awards

Washington (USA) International Film Festival Politics on Film

Bruxelles (Belgium) Fantastic Festival “Le BIFF”

Montreal (Canada) International Fantastic Festival “FANTASIA”

Phoenix (USA) SCI-FI and Horror International Movies Festival

Vologda (Russia) International Film Festival “VOICES”

Athenes (Greece) SCI-FI and Fantasy Film Festival

Port Louis (Indian Ocean) Indian Ocean International Film Festival

Tours (France) Politic Film Festival "CINEMA et POLITIQUE"


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